We believe investing doesn’t have to be as complicated as others might have you believe. We concentrate on determining your goals and objectives, sizing up your risk tolerance and estimating your ability to deal with the market volatility, and then helping you make your plans with confidence.

Evidence from practicing investors and academics alike, points to an undeniable conclusion: returns come from risk. Gain is rarely accomplished without taking a chance, but not all risks carry a reliable reward. Financial science over the last fifty years has brought us to a powerful understanding of the risks that are worth taking and the risks that are not.

Succession planning strategies, asset and investment management, real estate advice and wealth structuring – CBC Global can integrate all family wealth management needs into one seamless family office service. We can choose the best structures and services for each client whilst providing a centralized family office administration team. We also work with established family offices, lending our expertise and specialty as and when you are needed. CBC Global‘s objective is to help clients create, manage and preserve wealth across generations.  We strive to integrate smart innovative programs with traditional family office services to provide solutions that accommodate the ever-changing business and regulatory environments and withstand the test of time.

CBC Global’s Family Office and its partners strive to assist you in the following ways :

• Legacy Planning including Estate Planning
• Next Generation Education and Oversea Study
• Family Immigration, including EB-1 and EB-5 immigration
• Family Trust Administration and Tax Planning
• Asset Management
• Family New Business Start-Up

• Family Concierge Services 

CBC Global offers Family Office Services as a stand-alone service, as well as strategically combined with other Corporate Advisory and Due Diligence Services. We aim to ease your administrative burdens across functional and geographical boundaries.

Family Office Service Packages