China is the world’s second-largest economy and remains one of the fastest-growing ones with above-average long-term real growth.

A growing population, urbanization, a well-educated labor force, and a growing middle-class with increasing levels of wealth are driving consumption growth.The Chinese government has shown commitment to facilitate the economy’s transition from being investment-led to being consumption-driven, and from shifting its reliance on manufacturing to services. That’s not all – it’s becoming more diverse, with private-sector companies increasingly taking share.

Historically, China’s correlation to other markets has been very low. Its economy runs on very different cycles compared to the rest of the world, which have given the market unique characteristics.

United States is the world’s largest economy and most diversified and resilient. The U.S. capital markets are largest in the world and continue
to be among the deepest, most liquid and most efficient, and the financial industry that provides access to them is subject to robust regulatory oversight.

The USA has the largest economy in the world, which means those tenacious enough to expand to the US have the potential to reach new customers, diversify risk, leverage resources, and potentially increase profits.

Setting up and operating a business in USA can be challenging. But it isn’t necessarily as difficult as it first appears. There are lots of advantages to expanding to America as a foreign company, and we can help you every step of the way.

CBC Global stays flexible for different types of clients. In general, you can expect to receive comprehensive and goal-based planning, structuring, implementation and management from us.

CBC Global provides Advisory, Due Diligence, and Family Office services to Asian affluent families, mid-market family-owned companies, mid-cap corporate and institutional investors with a very comprehensive, cross- border and concierge-style approach.

In general, the services that we provide are fact-specific and require purposeful planning, positioning and strategy in order to be tailored to each particular client.  As a result, it behooves a prospective client to get in touch with us early so that a strategy can be devised that will minimize costs and maximize benefits for the future.

Business or service that is related to securities offering  or investment banking will be provided through CBC Securities Inc, Member FINRA/SIPC.  Business or service that is related to real estate will be provided through  CBC Realty Inc, a real estate broker firm that is licensed in the state of Massachusetts and is also an active real estate developer.  CBC Global Inc, together with its two sibling companies CBC Securities Inc and CBC Realty Inc are owned by their parent company, Concordia Boston Capital Inc.

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